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With the onset of BIM and the Cabinet Office’s requirement for all government-funded projects to be designed in 3D from 2016 onwards, there is a constant hunger for better quality utility information for geographic and business information systems. In response to a clear market need Premier Energy Mapping has developed the utility Asset Layered Map.
Known as a “PALM”, the service transposes multiple C2 utility information responses that are obtained in our Utility Record Search onto one plan.  The information transferred (where available on the C2 plans) includes:
·       Ducts and Chambers
·       Cabinet positions
·       Water main types, pipe sizes and materials
·       Meter positions
·       Electric line detailing
·       Electric link boxes
·       Substation compounds
·       Overhead lines
·       Sewerage flow arrows
·       Gas main pipe sizes and materials
·       Gas Governors/Pressure Reducing Stations
·       Openreach kiosks, poles and nodes
All the utility information (where supplied) is transferred onto one plan, turning separate utility records into a fully enabled multi-layered information tool for the entire development lifecycle.
Expensive?  No!  It can be delivered for the same cost as a AutoCAD “line only” drawing.
Available as a layered .pdf, CAD format .dwg, .dgn and .dxf, and GIS .shp formats, the service is set to revolutionise the use of utility record information in utility conflict detection & management, PAS 128 survey level definition and scope writing.  Each utility layer has a unique colour code that can be manipulated by the client when delivered in .dwg.
Additional Features:

· The client can supply base mapping or mapping can be procured by us for an additional fee.
· Online ordering for standard PALMs now available on our portal.

Please download a sample PALM drawing here
Please download a PALM brochure here

If you need to view the PALM on Ipad or Android please contact us to discuss.

"We are very impressed with the quality of the PALM and how cost effective and comprehensive it is and look forward to our next pieces of work with Premier.  We think it takes visualising utility conflict to a new level." – Capita Engineering Property & Infrastructure

Please note: Clients must order a Premier Energy Utility Record Search as a pre-requisite.

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