What is a PAS 128 Survey?

What is PAS 128?

PAS 128 is the British Standards Institution (BSI) standard that defines underground utility detection. It was first published in 2014 and sets out the information and accuracy to be expected from utility surveys.

The guide was sponsored by the Institution of Civil Engineers and funded by parties interested in improving the quality of utility surveys. A panel of experts was assembled and contributed towards the publication. Premier Energy Services Ltd played a key role in the production of PAS 128.

What are the various levels of PAS 128 surveys?

The PAS 128 standard takes a hierarchical approach to survey types.

  • PAS 128 Level A – Underground utilities are observed, excavated or exposed.
  • PAS 128 Level B Underground utilities are detected by geophysical techniques. For example, Electromagnetic Location (EML) survey and/or Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR).
  • PAS 128 Level C Utility records are validated by visual inspection.
  • PAS 128 Level D Desktop utility record search.

 When is a PAS 128 survey required?

The survey level you require will depend on your current project status.

At the planning and design stage you are likely to need PAS 128 Level C or D surveys. Premier Energy provides comprehensive PAS 128 Level C Utility Reports (with visual inspections), as well as PAS 128 Level D Desktop Utility Record Searches and a PAS 128 compliant Interactive Utility Map.

Only when you start to break ground or start physical works do you need either a PAS 128 Level A or B survey to comply with HSE Safety Guidance. This is critical as annually across the UK there are thousands of cable strikes which not only carry the risk of injury, but also the cost of repairs and service disruption for customers. Before undertaking a Level A or B survey, an up-to-date set of utility searches (PAS 128 Level D survey) are required as a baseline.

How do I procure a PAS 128 Level C or D survey?

Many people try to source utility record searches directly themselves from various free-to-use websites. However, none of these websites provide the comprehensive search criteria and easy-to-interpret reports that we produce. So, if you want market-leading services, talk to our experienced team, and to find out more about our PAS 128 services please see the product links below.

Site Investigation Report – PAS 128 Level C

Premier Utility Search Report – PAS 128 Level D

PALM 128 – PAS 128 Level D

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