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Premier Asset Layered Map Scope of Service

Premier Asset Layered Map (PALM)

  • To use the data, obtained through the Utility Record Search, of the existing infrastructure (C2 under NRSWA, Quality Level D (QL-D) under BSI’s PAS 128:2014 Specification for Underground Utility Detection, Verification and Location).
  • To provide a detailed “Layered” A3 pdf map of the affected utility infrastructure surrounding the site.
  • For larger sites, bespoke sizing of maps (e.g. A0, A1 etc.) to be agreed. The creation of viewports to cover specific areas is at the discretion of PES.
  • Details extracted from the electric, water (clean and waste), gas, Openreach (formerly BT) and Virgin Media plans (where present), will be mapped. Additional utilities will be added, where identified.
  • Details will include electric cable lines, ducts, chambers, gas/water mains, pipe sizes and material (where stated), flow arrows, poles, cabinets etc.
  • Standard production time is within 20 working days of instruction, assuming the Utility Record Search is instructed on the same date. Faster turnarounds may be available on a site-by-site basis, please ask PES for details.

Additional Features

  • ach utility layer has a unique colour coding for ease of identification and can be isolated as a single layer or overlay in a suitable pdf reader.
  • Utility layers can be printed collectively or individually from one file benefiting from a consistent background format not associated with the original utility company asset records.
  • Pdfs can be saved and used on hand held devices in the field so records can be viewed in an easy format to help identify utility plant before disconnections, demolition, earthworks or piling works commence.
  • A layered .dwg, .dwf, .dgn, .dxf, .shp or .kml file with an OS Mastermap map base or other suitable format, can also be supplied for use in AutoCAD or Microstation to enable subsequent designers to change line types and move lines following further investigation.
  • Provides easy to use information for risk assessment to meet “Designers”, “Client”, “Contractors” and “Planning Coordinators” Health & Safety responsibilities under the CDM Regulations.

Clients Responsibilities

Client to provide licensed OS Mastermap file in .dwg format. If no files are available, extra licensing costs will be incurred and charged as a disbursement.

Supplementary Terms


The standard fee allows for an area up to 250m x 250m and includes up to five utility records to be added to the PALM. PES reserves the right to charge additional costs should additional utilities be present. Additional fees will be advised if required before proceeding.

Existing Plant

The quality and accuracy of information provided by utilities about their existing plant is indicative and no warranty is made as to its accuracy. Therefore, any mapping records and/or marked up drawings provided by each utility must only be used as a guide and the actual location of plant should be verified by CAT Scan or trial holes before construction works commence.


Premier Energy Services Ltd will take all reasonable steps to obtain the most robust information but shall accept no liability for the accuracy of such information or report and in addition to any limitation of liability under its Standard Terms and Conditions, Premier Energy Services Ltd shall not be liable for any action taken in reliance on the information or any report provided as part of this Scope of Services.

Administration Charge on Disbursements

If Premier Energy Services Ltd has to pay disbursements on a client’s behalf an administration fee of 15% of expenditure is charged. This charge does not apply to obtaining existing utility records.

Novation and Warranties

We assume that novations are not normally required and this is not included in our standard fee. If novations are required we will review each request on a project by project basis and advise what fee PES will charge for such a novation or reliance letter. It must be noted that any PALM over 3 months old is not to be relied upon due to the issues identified above in Supplementary Terms – Existing Plant. Accordingly, PES’s stance is that the older the PALM the less likely that PES will be able to accept any request for a novation or reliance letter and if PES can accept the request,  then the receiving party must clearly understand and accept any conditions or limitations that PES feels that it ought to impose.

We assume that collateral warranties are not normally required and this is not included in our standard fee. If collateral warranties are required we will accept the Construction Industry Council (CiC) Form of Warranty and an additional cost per warranty will be applied.

Alternative Contracts

In the event that you request alternative or warranty terms, we would require a lump sum fee to cover our legal and administrative time. Our fee for bespoke warranty is £1,000 plus VAT and for bespoke appointments is up to £2,500 plus VAT. We reserve the right to negotiate amendments to the appointment documents to suit our Professional Indemnity Insurers’ requirements and legal advisors recommendations.

The services are provided subject to these Supplementary Terms and our Standard Terms and Conditions.