The Premier Plus is an advanced search detailing existing utilities in and around your enquiry area and providing guidance on the utility constraints and possible costs.


We make enquiries to over 40 utility companies to obtain their asset maps. We review each response and add commentary detailing the potential constraints posed by the existing utility plant and the next steps necessary when working in the vicinity. We provide guidance on typical costs and timeframes to deal with the issues presented. The report is provided in PDF format via email or file transfer.

Why Do I Need The Premier Plus Report?

Premier Plus meets the search level required for PAS 128* Quality Level D (QL-D) and HSG47 compliance and has all the benefits of the standard Premier report i.e. #SearchFirstDigLater® greatly reduces the chance of dangerous and expensive cable strikes or damage to other utility assets. A RAG rating enables the reader to quickly pinpoint utilities of concern.

In addition, the Premier Plus contains guidance that will assist you in decision-making regarding your enquiry area. Maybe you are planning a new housing development, considering alternative routes for new infrastructure works or deciding whether to purchase a plot of land – the Premier Plus will provide you with useful information that can assist your decision-making.

Who Needs This Report?

  • Developers, Local Government and Housing Associations
  • Highways, Transport, MEP Consultants and Engineers
  • Demolition, Civil, Construction and Utility contractors
  • Architects, Planners, Lawyers and CDM practitioners
  • Surveyors and Borehole specialists
  • Anyone requiring initial advice and detail on the existing utility plant in or around the enquiry area

Why Choose Us?

  • The original specialist in utilities with 20+ years unrivalled experience
  • Easy to use online ordering system
  • Discounts for multiple orders
  • We cover all IGTs and IDNOs using our intelligent search process
  • Each map with assets in the vicinity of the search area is highlighted for quality assurance and easy search area identification

*PAS 128:2014 “Specification for underground utility detection, verification and location”

** Price excludes VAT & cost of disbursements. Prices vary depending on size and location.

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