The Prime – Top Up upgrades your existing Prime search to a PAS 128* Quality Level D survey report.


We make enquiries to the remaining utilities not already covered by your Prime search to obtain their asset maps and issue to you in a combined PDF report format via email or file transfer.

Why Do I Need The Prime – Top Up Report?

A Prime report is an entry-level search and does not meet the criteria of the guidance given in HSG47 and PAS 128* Quality Level D (QL-D). In order to ensure you meet these standards and guidance, the Top Up can be purchased within 60 days of the completion of a Prime report to enable compliance with the recommended 90 day validity of utility asset maps.

If your Prime report is older than 60 days and you need a full set of searches completed, see our Premier report which provides a PAS 128* QL-D report in one complete package.

We classify the search responses received in terms of their proximity to the enquiry area using a red, amber and green system (RAG rating) which enables the reader to quickly pinpoint utilities of concern.

Who Needs This Report?

  • Any purchaser of the Prime search who decides they need to ensure that all additional utilities have been covered
  • Any purchaser of the Prime report who now decides they need to use the report to comply with relevant guidance and standards

Why Choose Us

  • The original specialist in utilities with 20+ years unrivalled experience
  • Wide variety of turnaround times based on client needs
  • Easy to use online ordering system
  • Discounts for multiple orders
  • Each map with assets in the vicinity of the search area is highlighted for quality assurance and easy search area identification


*PAS 128:2014 “Specification for underground utility detection, verification and location”

** Price excludes VAT & cost of disbursements. For sites over 20 Hectares a bespoke quote applies.

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