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To complement our New Supplies and Diversions services we can provide integrated CAD drawings showing all the utilities on one clear plan.

Taking the numerous formats of record plans provided by utility companies and the design proposals by the new supply providers, we overlay the details including information recorded from topographical surveys or utility surveys using CAT scan or Ground Probing Radar (GPR) technology.

Based on feedback we receive from our clients, our plans are considered to be the most user friendly on-site with clear colour coding for each of the services. You can benefit from a number of drawings available:

Existing Services Drawings (ESD) - Ideal for diversions and for sites with existing critical assets in the vicinity.

Combined Services Drawings (CSD) - Ideal for sites requiring new supplies of all scales.

Internal Services Drawings (ISD) - Ideal for sites with large multi-occupancy dwellings that require riser space planning and any other buildings with complex internal layouts.

Utility Water Meter Schematic - Ideal for sites that have complex internal metering arrangements.

Fibre To The Premise Schematic - Ideal for sites involving new Openreach fibre connections.

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