New Connections

We are an independent specialist in utility infrastructure solutions and can provide a one-stop solution for the provision of new electricity, water, gas and telecoms connections for your development.


Our New Utility Connections service provides you an independent view of the utility market and ensures you benefit from the wide range of multi utility connection solutions from the competitive market and provide best value to your project.

Our Underground Utility Connections service includes the procurement of quotes and estimates from both statutory providers, and the numerous accredited independent installers so that we can provide the best cost for new utility connections. Also included are provisions for procuring any temporary electricity or water connections required during construction, as well as a comprehensive Utility Risk Assessment report for inclusion in your CDM information. With our extensive knowledge of utility providers’ technical design requirements we work closely with your design team to evaluate, procure, and implement utility connection strategies into a coherent infrastructure plan to meet the specific needs of your development.


The utility market is not only competitive but also complex and can be daunting for those unfamiliar with the options and processes available. Premier Energy keep ahead of the changing market, the new players and the ever-changing standards to procure utility solutions that are most suitable for your project. Our experienced and knowledgeable experts take the pain out of the design and procurement process allowing you to focus your resources on their areas of expertise.

In the ever-changing utility market, the range of options and solutions available changes project by project. That’s why Premier Energy undertake an independent tender process for each scheme to provide value on your utility installation. So, if you are looking to upgrade or relocate an existing supply, install a temporary builders supply, or design and procure new utility connections on a new development or infrastructure project, our dedicated team are here to help you.


Under this comprehensive service we:

  • Identify utility companies with the skills and experience to serve your site
  • Develop the strategy for the incoming services including agreeing utility loads with the client’s design team
  • Advise on the specification of intake rooms and riser cupboards
  • Advise on the location and specification of electricity substations and gas governors
  • Procure utility works and issue quotes for client review and acceptance
  • Develop service strips for clash detection
  • Work with design teams and attend design/utility meetings
  • Provide existing services risk assessment reports
  • Provide advice on legal issues such as leases, way-leaves and easements
  • Provide a monthly Premier Energy Tracker of procurement progress


  • Developers, Housing Associations, Design and Build contractors
  • Companies involved in Infrastructure projects
  • Anyone involved in planning, design and construction who require advice or support with the utility procurement or installation process.
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