Utility Diversions

Premier Energy can identify existing utility assets that could potentially affect your project. From reviewing utility asset maps to completion of utility diversions – we can help.


As part of your due diligence or our Site Investigation report stage, potential issues are likely to have been highlighted regarding diversions of existing utility infrastructure. We will take forward your project and based on the New Roads and Street Works Act stages and can manage the relocation of utility assets within your project’s site boundary or any Section 278 highway areas.


We have decades of experience dealing with diversion of many different utility assets including oil pipelines, pylons, substations, large and small diameter mains, EHV/HV/LV cables, telecoms masts, ducts and chambers etc. So, if you are looking for experience with “lift & shift”, planning major diversion work or just need help understanding the utility diversion process – we can help you.

From the C2 search stage (obtaining asset maps) through C3 (budget estimates where available/necessary) to C4 stage (detailed client estimates), our aim is to minimise diversions and costs to you. We can also take the projects from C5 (agreeing works) to C9 (final reconciliation stage) if required.


  • Identify utility companies affected from C2 asset maps
  • Work with design teams and attend meetings
  • Advise of legal issues such as leases, wayleaves and easements
  • Carry out CAT Scan/GPR survey, if required
  • Advise clients of charges levied by utilities
  • Obtain C3 budget costs and review for potential cost savings
  • Oversee trial holes, if required
  • Obtain C4 estimates and review for potential cost savings
  • Provide existing services risk assessments
  • Pass quotes to clients for payment
  • Provide further management support, where required


Anyone involved in the management, planning, design, construction and safety industries who requires advice on utility procurement.

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