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The Electricity Capacity Crisis – is it only West London?

There is much media coverage of the current shortfall in electricity network capacity available to support new housing developments in some West London boroughs. It has been prompted by the Greater London Authority (GLA) writing to several developers to gather feedback on the scale of the constraints developers are facing in trying to source economically […]

What is PAS 128: 2022?

PAS 128: 2022 is the British Standards Institution (BSI) Specification for underground utility detection, verification, and location, in simple terms it defines the way underground utilities can be accurately mapped. It was first published in 2014 and sets out the approach that should be adopted for underground utility detection. It specifies requirements for the detection, […]

EV Charging – A Guide for Landlords & Property Managers

Transport is a key target area in the drive to reduce carbon emissions, with this sector contributing around a quarter of all harmful emissions. The Government has announced a ban on new petrol and diesel cars in the UK from 2030, and the transition to electric vehicles (EV) is gathering pace. Finding suitable facilities to […]

Water Infrastructure Charges 2022- 2023

We have compiled a document to provide you with the new Water Infrastructure Charges being levied by the water companies from 1st April 2022 until 31st March 2023. In Brief most net infrastructure charges (after asset value discount) have seen either moderate increases or decreases. The most significant changes have taken place in the southeast […]

Openreach FTTP Lift Lines Trial Update

In November 2021 we shared an important update from Openreach announcing the switch off of their copper network. One of the issues from this decision is how future developments address the issue of serving Life Safety Services such as Lift Lines. These have traditionally been based on a copper network which also has the benefit […]

What is a Utility Consultancy?

Premier Energy are utility consultants specialising in utility infrastructure strategies and reporting. Since 1995, we have delivered market leading utility solutions for professionals in the civil, commercial and residential sectors. We provide both high quality Searches and Consultancy services for use in various applications including; land appraisal, procurement, planning and construction. Our Utility Consultancy Services […]

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