Disconnections of utilities services is a time consuming and complex process. Have you ever measured how much time you or your staff spend on the phone, sending emails or letters, trying to identify meters and registration numbers? Let us help you with your Utility Disconnection applications.


Each utility organisation has a different disconnection process to follow, with different charging methods and requirements. Whether it is for individual services or supplies to multi-occupied buildings, large supplies to offices or industrial buildings, we have the experience and expertise to manage the utility disconnections process.


Organising single or multi-utility disconnections can take a disproportionate amount of time and coordination, but knowing the processes, the key industry contacts and having experienced staff is the key to success. Offered as part of a range of Consultancy services on your project we can make the disconnection process simpler and quicker for you.


  • Obtain Letters of Authority (LOA) from the utility account owner allowing us to act on their behalf
  • Provide advice on legal issues such as leases, wayleaves, easements associated with utility assets
  • Obtain meter point administration /registration numbers (MPAN and MPRN) for the accounts to be disconnected
  • Obtain quotes for removal of metering equipment and services
  • Obtain quotes for removal of assets such as substations, gas governors, fibre optic cables, fire hydrants, electricity supply, etc.
  • Track payments to utility organisations
  • Co-ordinate meter removal dates
  • Co-ordinate supply disconnection dates
  • Obtain disconnections certificates or confirmation of completion for project H&S files
  • Provide a monthly Premier Energy Tracker of procurement progress


  • Demolition contractors
  • Developers, Housing Associations, Design and Build contractors
  • Building owners
  • Anyone responsible for site clearing of utility supplies and services
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