Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a quote?

You can register for an account on our market leading website and once approved it provides an instant total cost for our reports including any utility company Disbursements.

What is meant by Disbursements?

Our service fee is inclusive of our general expenses such as that. Disbursements are charges from the utility companies that we incur when we request plans on your behalf. These are passed on to you at cost (with no mark up) and our website instantly calculates them for you. If you are a utility, a council or are working on behalf of either of those types of organisation then there are things we can do to reduce disbursements. Please give us a call on 01403 740240 if you think you fall into this category.

How do I order a report?

You can do so instantly using our website and some of our regular customers are ordering in only a few seconds.

How do I pay?

Subject to status you can order and pay by Invoice on our standard 30 day credit terms, otherwise there is a credit or debit card option. These options are available at the end of the ordering process.

What information is included in a Utilities Report?

The Utilities Report provides underground service information relevant to your development site, including gas and oil pipelines, electricity cables, telecommunication wires, mains water supplies, sewerage and fibre-optic cables. If your site is in London, the report will also include London Underground service information if relevant. Please note that your exact site boundaries will be searched for utilities information and not a wider buffered area.

Are all the Independent Gas Transporters (IGTs) and Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNOs) covered?

Yes uniquely in the UK all of them are covered. We are the only deliverer of Utility Reports that does “intelligence searching” where we examine all the plans and identify IGTs and IDNOs present.

What is the format of the report itself?

Part 1: QA, statutory notices, disclaimers and Abbreviations Key. Part 2: Summary/Enclosures report showing a list of utility companies contacted. These search responses are then classified in terms of their proximity to the enquiry area using a red, amber and green system (RAG rating). Part 3: Utility response plans (these are the responses from the utility companies which can come back over several weeks or even months) are marked up with the area of interest in every case. PALMs are available in PDF or DWG as standard but other formats can be delivered for additional fees, so please give us a call.

What happens if my site exceeds your standard site size and can't be processed by the website?

Fees and Disbursements are priced on application.

Where can I find information about the prices of the Utilities Report?

Our unique pricing engine will deliver you a regional variable but fixed cost and enable you to select whether you want to search the expensive fibre companies that charge disproportionately to the risk of discovering their plant. Moreover these services are more easily discoverable using non intrusive survey techniques.

When can I expect to receive my Utilities Report?

This will depend on the service which has been ordered. There are four speeds of service available for Utilities Reports: 24 hours, 5, 10, or 20 working days. This means that the replies we have received from utility companies will be sent to you at the end of the designated period. For example, if you chose the 10 day service, then at day 10 we would send you all replies we have received in that period. However, further replies may also be gathered after this time. In this case, we will forward them on when received with a completely fresh and full copy of the updated report. When calculating the delivery date of the report, please note that these are full working days and not calendar days. Orders after 12pm start the next working day.

How will my Utilities Report be delivered?

The Utility Report will be delivered via email in unlocked PDF format. The PALM is also delivered by email. However, if delivery is not possible due to file size then the report will be delivered over the internet.

How are the utilities shown on the PALM?

We have developed our own line styles that enables the different utilities to sit together on one plan. This is our standard delivery. We would only consider client line types and styles for projects of significant size exceeding several square km. A DWG deliverable enables the client to change the lines style and types themselves.

I have not received all of my data within the expected report timescale. When can I expect to receive the remaining information?

We are by far the market leaders in response rates due to our 20+ years in the industry. We endeavour to obtain as much of the information as possible within the production timescale of your report. Unfortunately, there are occasions when the response times of the utility companies mean that it is not possible to obtain 100% of your information within the chosen timescale. In these scenarios we email you all the information that is available in a first batch and as soon as we receive any of the remaining information this will be emailed to you in subsequent reiterations of the full report until it is complete.

I ordered a 20 working day service but need the utilities data much sooner. Can I upgrade to a faster service?

This may be possible depending on how soon you request the upgrade. Any upgrade would incur an additional charge. If you think you need to upgrade your order, please contact us to discuss the options.

Can I cancel my Utilities Report?

Not for a 24 hour or 5 day report. Otherwise once an order for the Utilities Report has been submitted it can be cancelled but is subject to our terms and conditions. The cancellation fee depends on when you cancel in relation to when you place the order as well as the speed of service you have ordered. Please call us to find out this information for your report.

The resolution of one of the plans is not what I was expecting. Can this be improved?

The maps, plans and drawings are converted into PDF as they are received from the utility companies. We have a rigorous Quality Assurance system on all our services that ensure that the content is clear and can be easily read. If you have any queries about the resolution or content of a Utilities Report, please contact us with details of your order and your query, and we will happily work to resolve it.

My report doesn’t show private connections from the highway to the building I am interested in. Why is that?

This is because it is not recorded by the utilities generally although sometimes their plans to do show them. The majority don’t. They only have an obligation to record and show the locations of their mains.