Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a price for a Utility Search Report?

Follow the easy-to-use online ordering process, starting at: Once you have drawn in your site boundary and selected your products you will be prompted to create an account. You can then view your price breakdown before proceeding to payment. Alternatively, you can contact us via our website attaching a site boundary drawing and we will issue a fee proposal within 24 hours.

What are Disbursements?

Disbursements are charges made by the utility companies for issuing copies of their plans. We pass this cost directly to the customer with no mark-up. The fee you are quoted will be broken down into our fee, optional disbursements (Virgin Media, Vodafone, EXA) and disbursements. If you’re working on behalf of a utility company, local authority or government organisation then disbursement costs may be waived if you can provide a letter of authority.

How do I order a Utility Search Report?

Our online ordering process is quick and easy to use. Draw in your area of interest, configure your product choice, select your turnaround time and optional disbursements, and then proceed to payment.

How do I pay?

Choose the payment method that best suits your business. Either pay by credit card or with debit card or receive an invoice and pay within 30 days.

What information is included in a Utility Search Report?

Premier – our comprehensive Utility Search Report covering all categories. The report contains plans for all affected gas and electricity supplies, mains water, sewage, oil and fuel pipelines, communications, tunnels and transportation networks. The Premier Utility Report is PAS 128 and HSG 47 compliant. Prime - an entry level Utility Search Report detailing records from the core utility companies- electric, water and drainage, gas and Openreach. Utility Assessment – A fully comprehensive Utility Report plus Premier Energy commentary identifying key constraints and budget costs and estimates for new connections diversions and disconnections. All our Utility Reports include a red, amber, and green system (RAG rating) of utilities to show proximity to enquiry area.

Are all the Independent Gas Transporters (IGTs) and Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNOs) covered?

Yes, they are. Premier Energy closely monitors new entrants into the market ensuring that our Utility Search Reports remain the most up-to-date and comprehensive reports available.

What are the contents of a Utility Search Report?

Our Utility Search Reports contain the following information: Introductory information to help understanding the process from referring to plans on-site through to excavation. Acronyms key to help you interpret the detail on the plans. A red, amber, and green system (RAG rating) of utilities to show proximity of plant to enquiry area. All utility plans marked with a yellow border line to clearly define the search area.

What happens if my site exceeds your standard site size?

If your site is larger than 25 ha then bespoke fees apply. Continue with your order and an enquiry will be submitted to our team who will return a fee proposal within 24 hours.

When will I receive my Report?

We offer 24 hour, 5, 10 and 20 working day turnaround times. The target date of delivery will be shown on the enquiry summary document. Orders placed after 12pm start the next working day. Please note for shorter time scales it is possible that not all plans will have been returned by the utility companies. Premier Energy will issue a Utility Report at the end of the designated period and will issue an updated Utility Report once all plans have been received.

How will my Utility Search Report be delivered?

Our Utility Search Reports are issued by email as PDF files. Larger files will be issued via file transfer.

I ordered a 20 working day service but need the utilities data much sooner. Can I upgrade to a faster service?

Yes, this may be possible but would incur an additional charge to upgrade the turnaround time. Contact us to discuss.

Can I cancel my Utilities Report?

24 hour and 5 day reports cannot be cancelled. 10 and 20 day reports can be cancelled but charges will apply. See terms and conditions for details.

My report doesn’t show private connections from the mains to the building I am interested in. Why?

Utility companies have a legal obligation to show only the location of their mains supplies and not service or private supplies. Most plans therefore do not show service or private supplies.

What information is shown on the PALM 128?

The PALM 128 is the only PAS 128 Level D compliant interactive map that transposes all utility asset information on to an OS MasterMap base. Asset information such as voltage, pressure, pipe size and materials as well as ducts, chambers and other symbology are shown.

What format is the PALM 128 available in?

The PALM 128 is delivered as both an interactive PDF and DWG. Shapefile format is also available at an extra cost.

How quickly will I receive my PALM 128?

The PALM 128 is available in either 10 or 20 day turnarounds.