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Utility searches can be used as part of your due diligence process in land and property acquisition and are a vital tool for anyone planning, designing, modifying or constructing development and highway projects

Utility Search
Turnaround Time (working days)24 hours; 5, 10, 20 days10 or 20 days24 hours; 5, 10, 20 days10 or 20 days
Search Utilities including: Electric, Water, Drainage, Gas, Openreach, Linesearch, IGTs and IDNOs *
RAG rating on vicinity
Vodafone, Virgin Media and Vtesse optional extras
Full search of all utilities
Fully PAS 128 compliant
Estimate cost ranges provided **
RAG rating on constraints and potential issues ***
Available nationally
****Upgrade to Prime - Top Up within 60 days of orderUpgrade available upon delivery of Prime
From £345 extraFrom £345 extraFrom £345 extraFrom £345 extra
OS MasterMap®Available with PALMAvailable with PALMAvailable with PALMAvailable with PALM
Price (excl. VAT)From 130From 180 additional chargeFrom 210From 850

* Independent Gas Transporters (IGTs) & Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNOs)

** For diversion & disconnection costs; excluding any reinforcement costs or new connection costs.

*** Includes cost rating based on our consultants experience/opinion.

**** Not available online. Please contact us directly to order.

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