We are an independent specialist who can provide a one-stop solution for the provision of new electric vehicle charging connections.


Our eConnect service offers an independent view of the electricity connection market and ensures you benefit from the wide range of providers available. This is to help you achieve best commercial value and technical solutions for EV charging projects.

With our extensive knowledge of the electricity market, technical design requirements and the ability to navigate through the complexity of electric network, capacity and reinforcement charges.


The electricity connections market is not only competitive but also complex and can be daunting for those unfamiliar with the options and processes available. Premier Energy keep abreast of the changing market, the new players and the ever-changing standards to procure utility solutions that are most suitable for your project.


  • Identify electric companies and market competitor options to serve your project
  • Ascertain and procure Point of Connection to the existing electric network and establish likely infrastructure works required to provide a suitable connection, including LV & HV mains cable routes and substation specification
  • HV/LV metering options, upgrade of existing supply and capacity availability increase
  • Tender for electric connection work with DNO and competitive market sector including IDNO’s and ICP’s
  • For existing installations, we can review existing supply arrangements and advise on potential strategy for upgrading existing supplies, or increasing capacity availability to meet proposed EV demands
  • Liaise with design team and EV charging supplier as necessary to coordinate connection proposals
  • Produce a PAS128 Quality Level D compliant Premier Asset Layered Map (PALM) to assess potential utility constraints in the area of the site
  • Advise and procure electric metering strategy and supplier agreements
  • Visit site and attend meetings if required to assess and advise on location, cable routes and constraints
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