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Every year there are thousands of instances where ground excavations result in utility strikes, costing millions of pounds in repairs, compensation, injury to workers or worse.

Knowing what is buried on site before the ground is broken can help avoid these types of incidents and help plan the development of your project.

On any construction site the chances are that you will encounter buried utilities such as gas, water, electricity and telecoms.  Having the utility records to hand is essential.  Having a utility survey before any work commences will add that extra layer of confidence which records alone cannot provide, potentially saving time and money at a later stage.

Premier Energy Services' survey team use the latest equipment and techniques, such as Electro-detection and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR),  to trace and map the locations of buried utility assets and record this information, enabling you to minimise the risk of damage to existing utilities and avoid possible injury to workers.

The survey team are PAS 128 compliant and are qualified to ProQual Level 5 in Utility Mapping and Surveying, and classified as Senior Utility Mapping Surveyors by the Construction Skills Training Academy. Our deliverables assist our clients with HSG 47 compliance.

As well as tracing buried utility assets, the survey team can also identify service intakes and meter locations, record meter numbers and details to assist in disconnections later in the project lifecycle.

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