5 Top Tips to Procure New Utility Connections

There are several things you need to keep in mind when procuring new utility connections. Here are our top 5 tips to help you with this!

1. Use the competitive market to obtain quotations on every project

Our experience shows that even if a company was the best overall on your latest project that will not necessarily be replicated on the next one. The market is ever-changing with regulations, investment criteria, ownership and other reasons being factored into the prices that are offered. Of course, if delivery of the mains and services is the main criteria, and you have found the perfect partner to work with and you are not concerned about cost, then look no further.

2. Ensure when reviewing quotations that you are comparing like-for-like

Are the POCs in the same location? Do quotes include risers and laterals in blocks of flats? Are meters included? Is off-site reinforcement included or does it need to be confirmed? Are meters located in the same place i.e. communal areas, risers or even in apartments? Do the proposed routes fit with your plans, and will they affect phasing of the development? Are diversions incorporated in the cost?

3. Know the timescales for different elements of work

Some are regulated timescales and activities, whilst others are governed by factors. These could be local authorities’ requirements, third party land rights, wayleaves/easements/leaseholds or other legal impediments. It could also include lead times for shutdown of utility apparatus, e.g. EHV cable diversions or HP gas mains which may have a couple of years’ notice period, or even the resource availability of utility companies.

4. Be aware of individual utility company requirements

For example, substation designs can be different for each DNO/IDNO; gas governor locations have different constraints depending on operating pressure. Other requirements include mains and services routes, meter locations, telecoms/broadband ducts and nodes, all of which have specific technical and Health & Safety requirements and can be different for each type of utility and company.

5. Competitive quotations

If left solely to the traditional market, competitive quotations would not be realised and could be detrimental to the profitability of your project.

Why use Premier Energy to procure the utilities to your development?

We have been involved in the utility procurement business for nearly 24 years, providing consultancy services to over 10,000 sites for our clients. This includes most of the FTSE house building companies and private house builders as well as Local Authorities, Housing Association, Planners and other Consultants.

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