Existing utilities – guidance on the costs and constraints

Are you planning a new housing development, considering alternative routes for new infrastructure works or deciding whether to purchase a plot of land?

It is critical that the existing utilities in your area as well as the project risks and constraints are identified and understood. At Premier Energy, we have introduced the Premier Plus Utility Search report which provides you with this useful information to assist you with your decision making.

The Premier Plus includes a full set of asset maps presented in a clear and easy to understand format. Each report also includes guidance on the utility constraints and possible estimated costs to address these. This guidance and commentary is provided by our experts and helps to explore the issues raised in the asset maps, with a summary providing an instant focus on the key issues. The Premier Plus report is PAS 128 QL:D compliant, and also complies with other health and safety regulations and documents such as HSG 47.

The turnaround times for a Premier Plus are either 10 or 20 working days, and the report is issued to you via email or file transfer as a PDF document.

If you would like to discuss further or receive a quote please contact Nigel Hall on 01403 740240.

Alternatively, visit our Premier Plus product page.

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