Planning and costing utility works

There is little doubt that utilities feature on many project risk registers. However, our experience is that these are often identified and considered far too late in the day, when despite mitigating actions, some timeline or cost impact is almost unavoidable. At Premier Energy we see this time and time again where assumptions, or at times incomplete due diligence, has resulted in a significant project risk materialising.

At this time of economic uncertainty it is ever more critical to ensure when committing to significant capital expenditure that the project risks and constraints are understood and quantified at the earliest possible opportunity. Understanding the impact a proposed development may have on existing infrastructure and being confident in the cost of new infrastructure is an essential part of project evaluation.

As an independent and experienced Utility Consultancy, Premier Energy can contribute to your feasibility planning and due diligence by providing comprehensive cost estimates for utility works associated with land purchase and scheme planning, allowing you to accurately plan and budget.

Our Site Investigation is a comprehensive report that includes a full set of utility records and capacity responses from electricity, gas and water companies. Each report includes detailed site reconnaissance and commentary on potential site constraints. A report also includes cost estimates for disconnection, diversionary and new connections works required. Its primary use is at pre-purchase or pre-planning to identify and cost any development constraints, or to support planning submissions.

A Site Investigation report typically takes 4-6 weeks to produce, determined by utility response times, from instruction.

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