Promoting Competition and Investment in Fibre Networks

What is the basis Ofcom’s Consultation on fibre networks?

The consultation (closed on 7th June 2019) looks at the best ways to secure investment by encouraging network-based competition. It affirms Ofcom’s stance on regulation for wholesale fixed telecoms markets from 2021, along with its recommendations to give competitors access to existing duct and pole infrastructure.

Ultra-fast fixed and mobile broadband: Supply and Demand

There are no signs of demand slowing from individuals and businesses for ultra-fast fixed and mobile broadband. This demand will only be met with a significant investment into upgrading broadband infrastructure across the UK. The next generation of services, from 5G mobile stations through to better standards of business connectivity, will require many more fibre networks.

Ofcom’s goal and strategy for competition and investment in fibre networks

Ofcom is committed in its support for investment and competition to achieve ultrafast broadband services across the UK. The regulator for the communications services urges alternative operators to build their own networks as opposed to relying on access to BT’s Openreach network. It is imperative, however, that BT’s competitors are able to invest at low cost, which means allowing them to re-use existing duct and pole infrastructure on equivalent terms to BT.

Ofcom’s view is that “Competition is the best means to ensure continued investment in building and maintaining high quality, future-proofed telecoms networks”.

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