EV Workplace Assessment

An investigation of your property’s electricity service to assess the suitability, capacity and estimated costs to install Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Points to either the workplace, commercial property or parking areas.


Our Electric Vehicle Charging Assessment outlines the potential options and solutions for adding EV charging stations to your existing electrical supply. Our utility specialists investigate the existing utility infrastructure and analyse the electric supply in terms of its suitability to connect EV charging points, including whether there is a requirement to upgrade the supply. We will also provide insight on capacity availability, maximum demand, energy profile, CO2 footprint and estimated costs for workplace EV charging stations or points.

We also review and make recommendations about your existing electricity supply contract and metering arrangements, making sure you are fully utilising your existing electrical service capacity.


If you are thinking of installing EV charging points at your workplace, property or parking areas and are asking yourself:

  1. Is my existing electricity service large enough to support an increase in electrical load?
  2. How much will it all cost?
  3. What are the steps to install EV charge points?
  4. Who can I speak to for independent advice?

If you are facing these dilemmas, then you need our specialist independent advice to help you make cost-effective decisions and assist you through the process.

Our EV Charging Assessment can help avoid costly electrical service upgrades by identifying what your existing electricity supply can support. As experienced utility consultants we evaluate your utility data and help you work towards your Net Zero goals. We offer plain and simple advice on how to proceed with installing Electrical Vehicle charging points.


  • Commercial Property Portfolio Owners
  • Managing Agents
  • Private and Commercial Landlords
  • Property Management Specialists
  • Business owners looking to do their bit towards Net Zero
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