EV Charging – A Guide for Landlords & Property Managers

Transport is a key target area in the drive to reduce carbon emissions, with this sector contributing around a quarter of all harmful emissions. The Government has announced a ban on new petrol and diesel cars in the UK from 2030, and the transition to electric vehicles (EV) is gathering pace.

Finding suitable facilities to ‘Plug-in’ is proving a headache for many property and facilities managers, and in many cases presents a constraint to potential EV owners. Research suggests that in the future around 60% of future EV charging will take place at home. But with car batteries increasing in size in response to range anxiety, in many instances existing electricity supplies may not be adequate to meet this additional electrical demand. One of the electricity network operating companies has the following statement on their website;

Just one single 50kW ‘rapid charger’ can have the same network impact as a block of 25 new flats

So, installing charging stations is far more complex than simply plugging in to a 13A socket, it is similar in infrastructure terms to building additional units at your property.

Are you one of the many managing agents or facilities managers facing the challenge of deploying electric vehicle (EV) charging points for residents? If so, then you are probably dealing with multiple requests from residents, being inundated with marketing literature from charge point installers, at a loss trying to understand the financial incentives available, and unsure ‘where to start’. An internet search simply returns lots of links and information from either companies wanting to sell you EV Charging equipment, or from energy companies wanting to sell you the energy provided via the charging infrastructure!

If this sounds familiar, then you need help from the experienced and independent team here at Premier Energy.

As Utility Consultants, our knowledge and expertise in assessing, procuring and installing electricity network cables and wires serving homes, businesses and local communities is unparalleled. This means we are well placed to provide independent expert advice on what can be installed, the steps to be taken, the likely cost and availability of incentive funds to offset the costs of installation.

EV Charging assessment process

Our innovative EV Charging Assessment has already saved clients £1,000s, prevented unnecessary and expensive service upgrades and mitigated the risk of overloading existing services on many occasions. Our simple approach involves a first stage of assessing the electrical services already in place to identify if there is capacity to add EV charging to existing supplies. If so, then we can provide guidance on what is feasible and the process to be followed to install and connect EV charging. If our assessment process identifies that a supply upgrade is required then we can advise and provide cost estimates for the work required and the process to be followed so you will be able to evaluate and provide detailed costs to residents. This will include advise on the EV grants available to offset the cost of installation.

If you decide to progress with installation then we offer an independent and comprehensive procurement service to source competitive quotes for the installation and/or operation of EV charging infrastructure at your property. You won’t be committed to a single source supplier and our approach will ensure you are able to assess multiple quotes for installation providing the most cost effective and technically compliant solution.

We have published a Case Study for the Imperial Wharf – EV Solution, an example of the challenges faced and issues overcome. This included organising new metering and energy contracts to allow the landlord to adopt suitable billing for the new charging infrastructure.

Every managing agent and facilities manager should be thinking about this issue now. It’s not just a challenge but an opportunity to promote and advertise your green credentials by taking tangible steps to support your residents in the transition to a zero carbon future.

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