Our suite of utility searches offers a comprehensive initial risk screen of the existing utility infrastructure including electric, water, drainage, gas, telecom, communication, tunnel and pipeline companies. Our searches also cover independent network operators which are often overlooked.

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Why choose Premier Energy for Utility Searches:

  • Comprehensive utility searches; we keep up-to-date with the constant changes in utility ownership
  • PAS 128 Level D and HSG47 compliant
  • Instant online quoting, ordering and payment facility available
  • Professional Indemnity cover up to £5m
  • Our cost effective services can save you time and money on administration costs
  • Flexible methods of payment and account management
  • We assess search responses received in terms of their proximity to the enquiry area using a red, amber and green system (RAG rating)

Our Utility Search products

The Prime Utility Search is an entry-level search detailing key utilities in and around your enquiry area.

The Premier is the PAS 128 Quality Level D (QL-D) and HSG47 compliant search providing existing utility assets in and around your enquiry area.

Our Utility Assessment provides summary guidance on constraints and costs associated with existing infrastructure, plus desktop budget estimations for new connections

The Premier Asset Layered Map (PALM 128) is a multi-layered PAS 128 Level D interactive map which can toggle between single or multiple utility views at the touch of a button. By selecting and deselecting utilities, you can easily build a detailed picture of utility information on your project.

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