Electricity Capacity Report

The Electricity Capacity Report provides critical insight into the risks associated with getting an electricity connection to land parcels and proposed projects. The report identifies the risks associated with connecting to the electricity network in terms of the existing capacity headroom and level of interest from other parties to connect.

This is all done for a fully inclusive price and offered with a five working day turnaround.

Why do I need an Electricity Capacity Report?

As a result of the electrification of heat and transport, and the impact of large new data centres, the UK electricity network is under pressure. This has resulted in the potential for significant connection costs and/or extended timelines associated with some new electricity connections.

Understanding the risk associated with new electricity connections is critical as this can affect both land values, and the viability of projects progressing. The Electricity Capacity Report provides an early view of risk, ideal for informing land transactions or early project feasibility stages.

The Electricity Capacity Report does not replace the need for detailed assessment later in the design and planning process but provides a simple risk-based snapshot of the network headroom at an early stage with a quick turnaround to meet typical land transaction timescales.

What data source is used?

We interrogate data from Distribution Network Operators (DNOs). We assess and summarise the information provided and present this in a clear and concise report.

We will need the following information from anyone interested in an Electricity Capacity Report.

  • A location plan of the proposed project.
  • A Red Line drawing showing the project boundaries.

What risks are assessed?

We conduct a risk assessment of the findings from our investigation and use a RED, AMBER, and GREEN status to present a risk summary in the report. The risks we assess are.

  • Network Headroom – the headroom available in the local electricity network.
  • Competing Enquiries – are other projects looking to connect in the area.

Where there is a potential risk to connection, we recommend the appropriate next steps for further investigation.

Who needs an Electricity Capacity Report?

An Electricity Capacity Report serves as a critical tool for a variety of stakeholders, particularly those involved in land transactions and planning consultancy. For those engaged in land transactions, such a report is indispensable as it provides critical insights into the existing electricity infrastructure, helping them make informed decisions regarding property development or investment.

Likewise, planning consultants rely on Electricity Capacity Reports to assess the feasibility of proposed projects and ensure compliance with electrical capacity requirements. These reports serve as indispensable guides, enabling stakeholders to navigate the complexities of electricity infrastructure and optimise their planning processes effectively.

  • Anyone involved in land transactions
  • Planning consultants

Why choose us?

With over two decades of experience in the industry, we have been the original utility experts since 1995. Our Electricity Capacity Reports are delivered by industry experts who have an in-depth understanding of utility infrastructure strategies and requirements. We offer the unique advantage of free ongoing telephone and email support, ensuring that our clients receive the assistance they need every step of the way.

When you work with Premier Energy, you get a dedicated contact overseeing your project, supported by a committed team. We provide technical engineering assistance, helping design teams plan utility infrastructure, saving time and money.

Our independent utility supply chain management ensures compliance with your auditing requirements, giving you peace of mind.

  • The original utility experts since 1995.
  • Reports produced by industry experts.
  • Free ongoing telephone and email support.

** Price excludes VAT & cost of disbursements

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