Prime Utility Search

The Prime Utility Search is the entry-level search focusing on the key utilities in and around your enquiry area.


We search only the core utility companies (electric, water & drainage, gas and Openreach (BT) and issue the report to you in PDF report format sent via email or file transfer.

Why Do I Need The Prime Utility Search Report?

A Prime Utility Search is ideal for anyone at an early stage of project planning requiring an overview of the main utility infrastructure in and around the search area. It is not a comprehensive search and is therefore not compliant with PAS 128:2022 and HSG47.

We classify each search response in terms of the proximity to the enquiry area using a Red, Amber and Green system (RAG rating) which enables the reader to quickly identify areas requiring further investigation.

Our Prime utility search report is backed by our commitment to accuracy and reliability. With over two decades of experience in utility searches and mapping, we employ bespoke technology and industry expertise to deliver the most accurate report on the market. Our focus on quality assurance ensures that each individual response is reviewed and all search reports approved prior to issue.

By choosing our Prime Utility Search report, you can start your project with confidence knowing that you have access to information essential for your project’s success while minimising the risk of unforeseen costs and potential hazards. With over 25 years experience, flexible turnaround times, and easy online ordering, Premier Energy are the trusted partner for your utility search requirements.

Who Needs a Prime Utility Search Report?

  • Developers or Land Agents requiring a quick overview of the existing infrastructure during land acquisition
  • Project Managers and Cost Consultants developing an early view of project costs

Why Choose Us?

  • The original specialist in utilities with 25+ years of unrivalled experience
  • Turnaround times to meet your needs
  • Simple online ordering system
  • Discounts for multiple orders
  • Each search area is highlighted for quality assurance and ease of use
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