The Prime is an entry-level search detailing key utilities in and around your enquiry area.


We make enquiries  to the core  utility companies (electric, local water & drainage, gas and Openreach (BT)), plus independent gas and electric companies (IGTs/IDNOs), and LinesearchbeforeUdig to obtain their asset maps and issue to you in PDF report format via email or file transfer.

Why Do I Need The Prime Report?

#SearchFirstDigLater® for utilities greatly reduces the chance of dangerous and expensive cable strikes or damage to other utility assets.

We classify the search responses received in terms of their proximity to the enquiry area using a red, amber and green system (RAG rating) which enables the reader to quickly pinpoint utilities of concern.

Who Needs This Report?

  • For individuals who need core information for minor works such as new dropped kerbs for access to front drives
  • For developers who need a quick overview of potential problems before deciding to continue with due diligence in land acquisition
  • For contractors looking to decide if it’s worth pursuing a tender opportunity
  • For anyone looking for minimal information at an entry-level cost

Why Choose Us?

  • The original specialist in utilities with 20+ years unrivalled experience
  • Wide variety of turnaround times based on client needs
  • Easy to use online ordering system
  • Discounts for multiple orders
  • We cover all IGTs and IDNOs using our intelligent search process
  • Each map with assets in the vicinity of the search area is highlighted for quality assurance and easy search area identification

*PAS 128:2014 “Specification for underground utility detection, verification and location”

** Price excludes VAT & cost of disbursements. For sites over 20 Hectares a bespoke quote applies.

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