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Imperial Wharf: EV Solution

Imperial Wharf, a large development in Central London, started construction in 2004 on the site of former Gas Works. The scheme consists of over 1,800 residential units, several retail units and a new overground station.

Premier Energy has worked with this client for over 20 years and has been involved with the management and procurement of their electric infrastructure for over 17 years.

Implementation of Electric Vehicle Chargers

We provided Utility Search Reports and EV Workplace Assessment services to the client for this project.

Our client required advice and help with implementation of new Electric Vehicle chargers in the basement car park as a result of demand from residents. This raised a number of issues and concerns including:

  • The scheme wasn’t designed to accommodate infrastructure required to support EV charge points.
  • Details of the existing supply arrangements were limited.
  • It wasn’t clear how the EV’s could be connected.
  • There was uncertainty whether the existing electric infrastructure had sufficient capacity to support the additional load generated by the proposed charging points.

Premier Energy’s Process

We undertook analysis of the existing metered landlord supply to check demand profile for last two years. Results showed there was limited scope and insufficient capacity to supply the intended number of chargers required.

A site visit was then undertaken to assess the utility supply arrangements to establish if there were other suitable supplies that could be utilised to serve the EV chargers. Our investigation established that one of the existing transformers was found to have significant spare capacity. Premier Energy made an application to reserve this spare capacity.

We then arranged a new meter and supply contract to enable use of the new supply and set up suitable billing for the EV chargers.

This process enabled a quick initial assessment followed by identification, reservation and utilisation of spare electric capacity with no associated upgrade costs required due to utility works or upgrades.

Our EV Workplace Assessment avoided the costly mistake of simply applying for an unnecessary electricity upgrade and avoided the delays and disruption to residents these works would have caused.

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