How Premier Energy can support Highways projects

We work with many clients operating in public and private sector housing, construction and infrastructure markets. We regularly provide consultancy services on significant infrastructure projects such as the A14 improvements, HS2 and Viking Link (the new electricity interconnector between the UK & Denmark). We offer a range of services essential to the planning and successful delivery of highway projects.

How do our Utility Searches support Highways projects?

No UK highway work should be planned or undertaken without first obtaining a comprehensive set of utility records. However, with so many asset owners/operators now licenced to install infrastructure this process can be time consuming and expensive. We offer a range of cost-effective utility search products to meet the need of planners, designers, and construction teams. We also ensure utility searches comply with the appropriate Health & Safety legislation to mitigate and reduce your exposure to risk.

As a business we offer the most comprehensive utility record searching in the UK. We have invested in and developed an intelligent search process that includes all registered independent asset owners/operators often overlooked by others in the search process. We can also provide immediate in-house technical support to assist in the interpretation of utility records or to respond to client queries.

How does our Utility Mapping support highways projects?

Presenting the vast volume of information returned during a utility search in a user-friendly format to a range of interested parties is a significant challenge. Recognising this, we have developed an innovative and cost-effective technique that replicates the information detailed on the C2 utility asset maps in a way we believe complies with PAS 128 Level D.

Our Premier Asset Layered Map (PALM 128) is the only product of its type on the market and is an interactive PDF plan of the existing utilities. It is also available in DWG format for use in CAD programs. We use innovative data extraction techniques making it accurate and futureproof with the ability to add additional layers at a later stage. For example, the ability to overlay a proposed road layout and identify the impact on existing utility assets. Each PALM 128 includes as standard the ability to isolate and view individual layers.

The major advantage over traditionally hand drawn line records is that a PALM 128 is an accurate representation of all information from the utility records including (where present) the asset type, construction material and operating pressure or voltage. This level of detail is essential in accurately assessing site constraints, as for example gas main proximity constraints can vary depending on the gas pressure, pipe size and construction material.

How our Utility Consultancy services support highways projects?

At the early planning stage of any highways project it is essential that the impact on utility company equipment is understood and costed. Site Investigation Reports provide a detailed analysis of the constraints presented by existing infrastructure and an estimate of the likely costs involved in overcoming these, for example by diverting equipment clear of any planned road improvements. These reports are an essential part of any project cost planning and will highlight not only the impact of planned works but the likely cost and timescale of any utility diversion works.

Having identified the constraints through utility records and a PALM 128 and assessed the likely cost with a Site Investigation Report, there may still be a need to obtain C4 utility diversion estimates. Our experienced team offer Procurement of Utility Diversions and with our knowledge of the industry processes, legislation and key contacts they can procure your diversion estimates and ensure you receive quotes that are fit for purpose.

Most highway works will have an impact on utilities and understanding the risk and cost implications of this is so often overlooked. More and more schemes suffer cost and time overruns when the real constraints presented by existing utilities are finally understood. We can offer a range of specialist services to ensure these risks are identified and managed from an early stage, resulting in significant time and cost savings and improvements in safety performance.

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