NEW Electricity Capacity Report – Don’t get left in the Dark!

To rise to the challenge of meeting climate targets Britain will have to install sixty-two miles of cable each day until 2040 to upgrade the grid system to support the increased demand for electricity. This is the finding of the International Energy Agency published in a recent report.

This subject is now attracting daily media coverage, as well as exercising stakeholders with an interest in national infrastructure, resilience, and security of supply. Inevitably, it is having an impact on land transactions by influencing the viability of residential or commercial development sites.

As the leading independent utility consultancy, we are seeing the impact electricity capacity availability on anyone trying to design and plan developments. In fact, the longest wait time we have seen stated in a quote for electricity capacity to become available for a new project is currently 2042!! Inevitably investors are walking away, and schemes abandoned with some land parcels deemed unviable.

Anyone involved in land acquisition, development planning, or project design needs to understand the risk associated with the availability of electricity capacity as early as possible. Understanding the feasibility of a scheme early can avoid significant cost and programme delays. To meet this need for early insight into electricity network capacity we have developed a new product, the Electricity Capacity Report, specifically to provide an assessment of the electricity capacity risk at Land Acquisition or pre Planning Application stage. It does not replace the need for detailed assessment later in the design and planning process but provides a simple risk-based snapshot of the network headroom at an early stage with a quick turnaround to meet typical land transaction timescales.

What is an Electricity Capacity Report?

This is a bespoke report that assesses the electricity network around your development to assess the existing headroom around your land parcel. The report provides a snapshot of capacity headroom in the area and includes an assessment of the potential risk associated with a new electricity connection, and the level of interest from other applicants in the area. This is all done for a fully inclusive price and offered with a five working day turnaround.

What data source is used?

We use data from the host Distribution Network Operators (DNO’s). They have an obligation to provide insight into their electricity network, the headroom available at key points, and their plans to upgrade the network to meet future needs. We assess and summarise the information provided and present this in a clear and concise report.

We will need the following information from anyone interested in an Electricity Capacity Report.

  • A location plan of the proposed project.
  • A Red Line drawing showing the project boundaries.

 What risks are assessed?

We conduct a risk assessment of the findings from our investigation and use a RED, AMBER, GREEN status to present a risk summary in the report. The risks we assess are.

  • Network Headroom – the headroom available in the local electricity network.
  • Competing Enquiries – are other projects looking to connect in the area. 

Where there is a potential risk to connection we recommend the appropriate next steps for further investigation.

How can Premier Energy help?

We are an independent utility consultancy with a successful track record of delivering for Clients since 1995. Whilst there is no silver bullet solution to the electricity capacity crisis, we can help you understand and assess the risk on your projects. Contact us at or by calling 01403 740240 to discuss with one of our experts our new Electricity Capacity Report.

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