The Benefits of PALM 128 compared to a CAD Plan or a Utility Survey

What is the PALM 128?

The PALM 128 (Premier Asset Layered Map) is a Premier Energy trademarked product. The PALM is an exact replication of all information from utility asset records showing plant location, as well as details of pipe sizes, direction of flows, chambers etc. The PALM is referenced to OS MasterMap, and by showing all of the asset information on the utility plans the PALM is PAS 128 Quality Level D compliant.

What is a CAD Plan?

A CAD plan is a simple line drawing of the utility asset maps, generally overlaid onto an AutoCAD or similar drawing. The amount of detail added to a plan is simplified and may only show the general location of pipes and cables.

What is a Utility Survey?

A Survey is where a specialist utility survey company is employed to carry out an EML (Electromagnetic Location) and GPR (Ground Probing Radar) survey of an area. The information is then marked out on-site and recorded via total stations or similar survey equipment. Alternatively, a post-processing method can be used where the data collected in the field is fed into a software programme, usually at the office. A combination of a Geophysicist/CAD technician then interprets and draws the results. This is a PAS 128 Level B survey at various accuracy levels, such as M3 or M1-P.

Why choose PALM 128 over a CAD Plan or Utility Survey?

A CAD plan is a simplified view of the utilities interpreted by a CAD Technician and relies on their level of skill and experience, which can vary throughout the industry. Therefore, the PALM 128 is the most cost-effective solution when a detailed plan is required to identify site constraints, diversions, points of connection for new supplies, costs etc.

A utility survey is ultimately required on every site where excavation is needed and when the actual location of the utilities is critical. However, Utility Surveys are expensive to procure and may be too much information at the early stage of the project lifecycle. Therefore, to get a good indication of what is on-site, the PALM 128 is the product needed at the start of every project, as it can assist with obtaining accurate utility survey quotations.

At Premier Energy we believe the PALM 128 has many uses and benefits. From quick visualisation of all the utilities for identification of constraints or diversions, to providing information on pipes, cables, and materials that are useful to meet health and safety obligations for use in the field by contractors. The PALM 128 can be used on very large sites and is an additional support to help in the planning stages.

Key Features of the PALM 128

  • Available in 2 turnaround times to meet your needs: 10 or 20 days
  • Easy to use online ordering system
  • The PALM 128 is available as pdf and dwg as standard but also as dxf, dgn, GIS Shapefile and TAB formats
  • All work carried out by UK-based professionals
  • Intuitive multi-layered interactive map
  • The PALM 128 can be used on-site using DWG viewer

Find out more about PALM 128 or get in touch today to discuss your requirements with our friendly team, who will be happy to help!

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