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EV Charging – A Guide for Landlords & Property Managers

Transport is a key target area in the drive to reduce carbon emissions, with this sector contributing around a quarter of all harmful emissions. The Government has announced a ban on new petrol and diesel cars in the UK from 2030, and the transition to electric vehicles (EV) is gathering pace. Finding suitable facilities to […]

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How do I save money on new utility connections?

How to save money on new utility connections is a question often asked by Developers, Local Authorities and Housing Associations. Like most things in life, it involves taking the time and effort to shop around the competitive market. Now this answer may surprise many people as there is a long-held view that new utility connections […]

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Getting the UK economy back on its feet!

Doing our bit to reduce the costs businesses face With the pandemic impacting everyone over the past year and a half it is no surprise the economy has taken a massive hit. Keeping any business afloat during lockdown was a real challenge – and keeping work sites safe during the peak of the pandemic and […]

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Tips to stay safe and avoid utility strikes post Covid 19 lockdown!

What happened during UK lockdown? According to information published by the Energy Networks Association there has been a welcome reduction in third party damage to buried electricity cables. This is in part due to the UK lockdown impacting construction sites with excavations limited and overall activity decreased. As you would expect less excavation = less […]

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The hidden cost of utility strikes

Many people are aware of the legislation surrounding safe excavation, underpinned by the requirement to have a comprehensive and up to date set of utility records available to site staff when they are excavating. But we still hear lots of stories of utility strikes associated with an absence of any records….  What is often overlooked […]

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How would a Utility Consultant add value to your project

What is a Utility Consultant and what do you do? A question that is often asked by prospective clients. It’s fair to say it is a role not always recognised across the construction industry, yet one that can de-risk and save costs in an area that features on nearly every risk register and project timeline. First, […]

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