Dropped kerbs and vehicle crossovers

So you are planning to build a new vehicle access to your property to get your car off the road, a process often described as a crossover or dropped kerb application. Not only is there lots of paperwork, correspondence with the council and the small matter of appointing a reputable contractor, but you also face the issue of contacting the utilities to obtain copies of their records.

At Premier Energy we specialise in utility matters and have the expertise and years of experience in utility searches that takes the pain out of obtaining records. Our Prime utility search is specifically tailored to capture just the key information required for you to progress your vehicle crossover or dropped kerb project. We undertake a search of the local electricity, gas and water utilities and offer a range of turnaround times to meet your needs. Many local authorities insist that utility records are available as part of their application process, our Prime utility search allows you to meet this requirement.

Orders can be placed online via our innovative and easy to use mapping tool, but don’t worry, if you find the whole process daunting simply call us on 01403 740240 and speak to one of our experienced Searches team who will guide you through the process.

Don’t let your vehicle crossover or dropped kerb project suffer delay, speak to the team at Premier Energy and let us source your utility records with our Prime utility search.

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