Highways – Utility Search case studies

We have undertaken C2 utility asset searches for a number of long linear routes on UK motorways. For each project we have delivered a Utility Search report and an interactive Premier Asset Layered Map (PALM) in PDF and DWG format.

The A14

What did we do?
We provided complete Utility Searches and a PALM for the entire route of one of the UK’s largest road schemes – The A14.

Size of site:
We consolidated a complex 40km linear route into a co-ordinated map involving 30 mapping tiles of utility information, making it clear and simple for our client and the construction team on site.

Key facts:

  • We mapped over 6,000 hectares on our PALM and Utility Searches.
  • We gathered and consolidated information from over 2,000 utility plans.
  • We combined 17 utility layers onto a single interactive map.
  • We ensured we complied with health and safety guidance and the Cabinets office requirements for Stage 2 BIM where all records must be held and managed electronically.
  • We created view ports for our clients, allowing for easy access to the individual tiles.

Our Client for this said ‘we used the PALM every day on this infrastructure project’

Smart Motorways

What did we do?

We provided complete Utility Searches and a PALM for large routes of the:

  • The A1 (M)
  • The M25 Junction 10 to 16.

Size of site:

  • The A1 was 15km long section
  • The M25 Junction 10 to 16 was a complex route of 36.8km

Key facts A1:

  • We covered the Utility Search records across the PALM for efficient cross referencing.
  • The PALM complied over 14 different utilities from over 350 utility plans into an interactive multi-layered map.
  • The PALM PDF was split into 5x3km sections and the DWG as one single file to make it accessible in different formats for our client.

Key facts M25:

  • We split the utility reports into 13 for our client with the PALM PDF split into 13 sections to match this for more clear and simple reading.
  • We collated information from over 25 different utility companies and over 800 c2 utility records into a straightforward format for our client.

To find out more information on our Utility Searches and PALM product view their product cards on the website or contact: 01403 740240 and ask to speak to a member of the Utility Search team.

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