How to Obtain the Best Value from your Utility Survey

We understand that you want to obtain the best value from your utility survey. But how do you go about doing that?

To help you along, we have put together our 6 top tips of what to look out for:

1. Allow plenty of time and always obtain the utility mapping plans before you request a physical survey

We see far too many people requesting a full site survey before reviewing an up to date set of utility records. Always check records first as this allows you to procure based on the correct survey extent, with cost savings achieved by limiting a survey to areas of interest rather than the whole site footprint. Always remember that utility records must not be older than 90 days, in order to comply with PAS 128.

2. Provide a red line boundary plan showing the area that needs surveying

This should include the full site area, any footpaths and roads and any particular area of interest. For instance, adjacent footways if they are likely to be disturbed during the build. For example, for a new crossover.

3. Provide the utility records to the survey company

This will give the survey company the opportunity to review its content to determine how many services they are looking for and where. It will also help the survey company to determine how long they may be on-site looking for the utility plant, based on congestion and constraints. Their price should then be more realistic and competitive as it is clear exactly what is being looked for.

4. Identify if the survey is to just trace utilities or if you want to find other underground obstructions

This will help to decide what method of PAS 128 Survey is more suitable for each section of the site. This means that the survey company can use the correct survey techniques in line with the proposed survey scope. However, if you are looking to find other obstructions such as underground tanks, old pile caps etc then the use of post processing techniques will be needed.

5. Identify any site constraints

To inform the survey company of any areas on-site that they are unable to access (overgrown vegetation, stored materials etc.). Always advise them of any health and safety hazards on-site and request suitable risk assessments.

6. Review quotations to ensure ‘like for like’ survey services have been quoted

Compare prices to ensure items such as traffic management, weekend working, post processing or just mark up on-site, durations, lead times, quality of output, 2D or 3D CAD plans etc have been included in each quote, and that the survey area meets your needs.

Timing and communication are key to getting the best value from your Utility Survey.

To assist you in procuring a utility survey, you can order our best selling searches report, a Premier Report, this includes the utility records to enable the survey procurement process to start.

Ordering is quick and simple via our online mapping tool.

Our utility reports comply with Health & Safety legislation. This will assist in survey planning, help avoid costly damage to utility infrastructure and enable you to avoid project delays! Whether you are developing, designing or constructing small residential sites, large mixed-use developments, commercial properties or infrastructure schemes, we are here to help you.

Get in touch today to discuss your requirements with our friendly team, who will be happy to help.

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