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White City Living

White City Living Project Overview

White City Living is a large mixed-use project in Central London on the site of former offices. The project consists of over 2,000 residential units, several commercial retail units and the construction of a new vehicular bridge.

Premier Energy has been working with this client for over 20 years, providing consultancy services on their projects. We were appointed to the White City Living project due to the complexity of the site and the client’s need for utility experts to make sure it was undertaken safely and cost-effectively.

For this project Premier Energy provided Utility Search Reports and a variety of Consultancy services.

Premier Energy’s services for White City Living

  • Premier Utility Search Report: A PAS 128 Level D report was undertaken to locate existing utilities and establish any constraints to the site, also informing the potential diversion and disconnection strategy.
  • Site Investigation Report: A PAS 128 Level C report was written by one of our utility consultants to highlight utility capacity constraints in the area and potential budget costs for the construction stage.
  • Disconnections and Diversions: Premier Energy procured and coordinated the diversions for electric, gas, water and major fibre optic telecom infrastructure. The utilities under a very congested footway and carriageway were diverted to reduce the risk of damage from the new vehicular and pedestrian bridge construction.
  • New Connections: The Site Investigation report identified that off-site reinforcement and a new primary substation were required. Premier Energy procured competitive quotes from the utility market for this work, and once the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) was appointed we liaised with them to cost, design, programme and deliver the primary substation. We also coordinated the Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNOs) for all contestable infrastructure works, a water New Appointment and Variation (NAV) agreement, off-site and on-site high voltage installations including a basement intake substation, and a medium pressure gas PRS for the energy centre.
  • Drawings: We provided CAD drawings to coordinate diversions, disconnections, new connections and technical requirements associated with the bridge crossing.

How we helped our Client

In order to overcome the complexities and complications of delivering utility services to site due to the London Underground and Network Rail lines surrounding the site boundary, Premier Energy had a significant role in the design stages. We helped with the design and technical aspects of new connections provision and ensured the timely procurement of the off-site works, new primary substation and diversions/disconnections.

Premier Energy saved our client significant costs on off-site reinforcement, and by tendering for multi-utility providers ensured our client received competitive pricing and a technical solution suited to the complexities of the site.

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