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Croydon Searches and PALM 128

Croydon Project Overview

The London Borough of Croydon Council identified 63 potential sites that would be suitable for redevelopment.

The client approached Premier Energy as they needed to understand what utilities and constraints were on each site. The client was aware of the issues that utilities constraints can bring to a site; they needed our utility expertise to translate the utility plans and highlight the site restrictions in a separate Constraints Report. The contracted survey company also needed the PALM 128 to assist with their survey process. As the surveying schedule was already agreed, it was important that Premier Energy delivered within a specified timescale.

For this project Premier Energy produced 63 individual Utility Search Reports, Constraints Reports and PALM 128.

Premier Energy’s Process for the Croydon Project

  • Premier Utility Search Reports: All reports were delivered within a 20-day turnaround. We analysed the distribution of sites across the Borough and grouped the site requests together, reducing the cost of utility supplier disbursements and saving our client money. Once the utility records were received, we created the reports.
  • Constraints Report: Our Searches Consultant analysed all 63 utility search reports and commented on the potential utility constraints to the site. Our consultants highlighted the headline issues and detailed the likelihood of disconnections and diversions for each individual site in a separate report.
  • PALM 128: The interactive map for all sites was delivered in order of priority with an expedited turnaround available. This was required as the survey company had a tight schedule and needed to view the PALM 128 on-site during their surveying. The DWG could be added to the initial design drawings if site feasibilities were approved.

How we helped the London Borough of Croydon Council

Prior to working with Premier Energy, the Borough Council had encountered issues with previously undetected utilities being found on-site. This had resulted in project delays and increased costs.

Premier Energy provided our expertise to ensure that the London Borough of Croydon were aware of the utility constraints on all 63 of their sites. Consequently, our client had a clearer view of their utility infrastructure so constraints could be planned for and risks mitigated. Again, this meant a huge saving for the client.

Premier Energy was flexible with the Utility report and PALM 128 delivery timescales and made sure that the deadlines were met. Therefore, our clients survey team could complete their work on time with the PAS 128 Level D information to hand.

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