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M1 Junction 19-23a

M1 Junction 19-23a Project Overview

A 54 kilometer long section of the M1 in the Midlands was part of a national motorway project.

The client approached Premier Energy having been impressed with our quick turnaround of utility search reports. Also, the PALM 128 offered an easy to use and cost-effective way for the engineers to review a complicated set of utility data.

For this project Premier Energy provided a Premier Report (Utility Search) and the PALM 128.

Premier Energy’s Process for M1 Junction 19-23a Project

  • Premier Utility Search Report: The report covered a 54km long linear route and was split into 10 sections, with over 30 utilities contacted by our dedicated in-house team of desktop utility search experts. The final report comprised thousands of utility plans including: 250 electricity network plans, 180 Openreach network plans, 120 clean and wastewater plans and 104 gas distribution network plans. Our intuitive RAG rating system specified areas of constraints due to existing utilities in and around the work area.
  • PALM 128: The multi-layered interactive map brings together a large volume of utility plans into a single georeferenced map, displaying all the utility assets present. The utility information is presented in viewports, making it easier for the client to find their area of interest. Final deliverables were an interactive PDF and DWG file.

How our services reduced risk and ensured compliance

The engineers were able to use the Premier Report & PALM 128 on-site to assist with excavation of works, reducing the risk of cable strikes or damage to existing utility assets in the site area. The Utility Search Report ensured compliance with PAS 128 and HSG47 regulations and as the report was split into 10 sections it was easy for our client to find the relevant information.

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