Welcome to our new website

After lots of months of hard work by everyone at Premier Energy, we are pleased to welcome you all to our new website. This new website is now in our new branding, with a new product offering and lots of new and exciting website features.

Our brands

Premier Energy Banner for Utility search, Consultancy and Surveys

We have now updated the Premier Energy Process and split our organisation into 3 different sections; Utility Searches, Consultancy and Surveys.

Our services

Our Utility Searches have been expanded and re-branded. We now have 5 products on offer to fulfil your needs:

  • Prime – This is an entry level search detailing key utilities in and around your enquiry area
  • Prime-Top Up – This upgrades your Prime to a PAS 128 QL:D report by making enquiries to the remaining utilities
  • Premier – A PAS 128 QL:D and HSG47 compliant search for your enquiry area, replacing the existing Utility Record Search report
  • Premier Plus – An advanced Premier report, with a utility search plus guidance on utility constraints and possible costs that you may encounter
  • PALM – The Premier Asset Layered Map displays all utility information onto one interactive plan

Previously known as Services and Projects, these have now been combined to create Consultancy. The product offering has been therefore streamlined with the offering remaining very similar with:

Finally, ­­ the Surveys brand products haven’t changed, still offering the pioneering EML/GPR Surveys.

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